18 August 2014: Support Southern noir filmmakers …

Meanwhile in Carolina, Durham filmmaker/novelist Eryk Pruitt is in production for his latest film and directorial debut, The Hoo Doo of Sweet Mama Rosa.

"The Hoo Doo of Sweet Mama Rosa" stars (left) and J.W. Smith.

“The Hoo Doo of Sweet Mama Rosa” stars Logan Harrison (left) in his film debut and veteran actor J.W. Smith.

In a small town in the Deep South, Old Poke Billet has been mowing yards for quite some time. However, he faces competition for the first time when little George Sinclair, a 10- year-old white boy, decides he wants a piece of the action and will stop at nothing to get it. Cultures collide with far-reaching implications in this Southern Noir short. The film stars J.W. “Jimmy” Smith, Logan Harrison, Rita Gonzales, Tracey Coppedge, Meredith Sause and Jeffrey Moore. Smith is a veteran of several Walter Hill crime/action movies of the ’80s.

Pruitt, who wrote the novel Dirtbags and the award-winning short film, Foodie,  says he’s gotten to “86 percent” of his funding goal for the film, which has a crowdfunding campaign at Indie GoGo. Check it out and make a donation here. Contributors are offered perks such as online updates, photos and videos — and even a name in the credit and a dinner for four.

And while the crowdfunding campaign continues for another month, Pruitt has already done much of the actual filming.

“We took four days to film and need one more, but so far it looks great,” Pruitt told me this morning. “Run time should be about 20 minutes and the DVD will have a companion film that runs about 11 minutes called “Liyana, On Command,” also based on one of my short stories.” Hoo Doo is also based on a Pruitt short story.


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